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If you are concerned about your online security, choose PureVPN. The service offers you a great multiplatform VPN solution, especially if you need to get around those annoying geo-restrictions. Accordingly, the tool offers you great safety features when hooking up with public Wi-Fi hotspots on mobile gadgets or laptop PCs.
It is quite easy to install PureVPN and once done, the connection dialog is at your disposal. Additionally, you can use a maximum of five devices with only one account – both on paid and free versions, but using a free version will only give you 3 days worth of multiple device usability.
The service also offers you tutorials along with 24 hour online support. In addition, especially for your convenience, the utility will choose the fastest performing server for your device. Besides, you can manually choose a server along with city via a dropdown list.
PureVPN lets you select the services you want to use it for. For example browsing and/or watching videos. Likewise, it can adjust server settings in order to speed up things. Moreover, the tool has an immense network of 450+ servers in around 90 countries. This means you will almost always find a fast and reliable connection.
If you care to use PureVPN only for video streaming, you can use the SmartDNS feature thereby availing fast paced video streaming. Just remember that for doing so, you must manually install a free add-on.
So, avail PureVPN now and give yourself a complete access to the internet.


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